Solvay Tyrol Club 2015


Solvay Tyrol Club History:

Founded in 1929, the Solvay Tyrol Club is located in Solvay, NY and has approximately 350 members. The Club's purpose, according to our by-laws, is to promote the stimulation and advancement of the Tyrolean-Trentini people.

      President's Message:

My goal as President is to continue to share and honor the rich traditions of our tyrolean-Trentini heritage while supporting the local community along    the way.

We have one of the largest clubs in the country that has been going strong for over 85 years. The reason for our success is because of the amazing  support of our members.

My hope for the future is to continue with our traditions and provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to all of our members and their guests.

I ask that you continue to support, volunteer, participate, and enjoy your club for many years to come.


Mark Cazzolli, President

Officers and Board Members, Solvay Tyrol Club - 2015