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Solvay Tyrol Club History:

Founded in 1929, the Solvay Tyrol Club is located in Solvay, NY and has approximately 350 members. The Club's purpose, according to our by-laws, is to promote the stimulation and advancement of the Tyrolean-Trentini people.

President's Message:

"Our goal as an organization is to share and honor the rich traditions of our Tyrolean-Trentini heritage along with supporting our local community"  Our annual picnic is always a fantastic event and held on the third Sunday of July at the Lakeland Park.  

We serve hamburgers, Hotdogs, Sausage, peppers and onions, and drinks. The event is open to all of our members, regular, social and auxiliary, non-members pay $5.00 each to attend.  Try some of our famous Polenta Carbonara at the Solvay Summer Festival in August.

We ask all members to support the club by volunteering for our fundraisers, helping with oppd jbs arount the club, joining some of our many activities, or just stopping by the club to say hello.


Peter Albrigo, President

Officers and Board Members, Solvay Tyrol Club - 2014